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Matrix Vol 1 & 2 Trade Paperback TPB Set Burlyman Neil Gainman Dave Dorman Movie

Matrix Vol 1 & 2 Trade Paperback TPB Set Burlyman Neil Gainman Dave Dorman Movie
Matrix Vol 1 & 2 Trade Paperback TPB Set Burlyman Neil Gainman Dave Dorman Movie
Matrix Vol 1 & 2 Trade Paperback TPB Set Burlyman Neil Gainman Dave Dorman Movie
Matrix Vol 1 & 2 Trade Paperback TPB Set Burlyman Neil Gainman Dave Dorman Movie
Matrix Vol 1 & 2 Trade Paperback TPB Set Burlyman Neil Gainman Dave Dorman Movie
Matrix Vol 1 & 2 Trade Paperback TPB Set Burlyman Neil Gainman Dave Dorman Movie
Matrix Vol 1 & 2 Trade Paperback TPB Set Burlyman Neil Gainman Dave Dorman Movie

Matrix Vol 1 & 2 Trade Paperback TPB Set Burlyman Neil Gainman Dave Dorman Movie    Matrix Vol 1 & 2 Trade Paperback TPB Set Burlyman Neil Gainman Dave Dorman Movie

Featuring Volumes 1 & 2. The Matrix is an American media franchise created by writers-directors the Wachowskis and producer Joel Silver. The series consists of three movies, beginning with The Matrix (1999), The Matrix Reloaded (2003), & The Matrix Revolutions (2003). The series features a cyberpunk story of the technological fall of mankind, in which the creation of artificial intelligence led the way to a race of self-aware machines that imprisoned mankind in a virtual reality system - the Matrix - to be farmed as a power source. Occasionally, some of the prisoners manage to break free from the system and, considered a threat, become pursued by the artificial intelligence both inside and outside of it.

The films focus on the plight of Neo (Keanu Reeves), Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss), and Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) trying to free humanity from the system while pursued by its guardians, such as Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving). The story incorporates references to numerous philosophical, religious, or spiritual ideas, among others the dilemma of choice vs. Control, the brain in a vat thought experiment, messianism, and the concepts of inter-dependency and love. Influences include the principles of mythology, anime, and Hong Kong action films (particularly "heroic bloodshed" and martial arts movies). The film series is notable for its use of heavily choreographed action sequences and "bullet time" slow motion effects, which revolutionized action films to come.

The characters and setting of the films are further explored in other media set in the same fictional universe, including animation, comics, and video games. The comic "Bits and Pieces of Information" and The Animatrix short film "The Second Renaissance" act as prequels to the films, explaining how the franchise's setting came to be.

The video game Enter the Matrix connects the story of the Animatrix short "Final Flight of the Osiris" with the events of Reloaded, while the online video game The Matrix Online was a direct sequel to Revolutions. These were typically written, commissioned, or approved by the Wachowskis.

Now, Burlyman Entertainment & The. Wachowski Brothers presents, The Matrix Comics. Stories set in the world of The Matrix. Read tales that expand the universe of The Matrix, written and illustrated by many of today's top comic book luminaries, including Larry and Andy Wachowski (writers/directors of The Matrix), Geof Darrow (Hard Boiled, Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot), Bill Sienkiewicz (Stray Toasters, Elektra: Assassin), Neil Gaiman (Sandman, Death: The High Cost of Living), Ted McKeever (Metropol, Wonder Woman: The Blue Amazon), John Van Fleet (Typhoid, Batman: The Ankh), Dave Gibbons (Watchmen, The Originals), David Lapham (Stray Bullets, Murder Me Dead), Peter Bagge (Hate, Sweatshop), Troy Nixey (Jenny Finn, Trout), Paul Chadwick (Concrete, The World Below), Ryder Windham (Star Wars Comics), Kilian Plunkett (Aliens: Labyrinth), and Gregory Ruth (Sudden Gravity, Freaks of the Heartland), plus many others. Andy Wachowski, Larry Wachowski, Spencer Lamm, & Sharon Bray. Geof Darrow & Steve Skroce. Bits and Pieces of Information. Andy Wachowski & Larry Wachowski. The story takes place in a courtroom as Clarence Drummond asks the Machine butler B1-66ER the events leading up to the killings of owner Gerrard E. Krause and of Martin Koots.

B1-66ER admits to the killings as it was revealed that the two humans were planning to deactivate B1-66ER in favor of a newer model and B1-66ER wanted to preserve its own life. The aftermath of the trial is then presented through the Zion Archives where a search for the "B1 TRIALS" reveals the only remaining bits and pieces of information available to the people of Zion on the events leading to the Machine War. The story starts with Dez, a blue pill who thinks he is losing touch with reality. He convinces his girlfriend Mia to stop drug running for cartel boss Marlowe.

She also ends up being on bad terms with the cartel. As he starts to tell her his fears, that he can see through to the code that underlies everything in the Matrix, the door is blasted away with bullets. Dez assumes the gunmen to be the "guys in black suits" whom he believes has been watching him. He runs, only to hear one of the gunmen mention that "Marlowe says hello", which makes him realize they are cartel gunmen after Mia. Mia emerges from the smoke with a machine gun and time slows for Dez as he, again, sees everything in code. He comes to realize that he is looking at "the answer". He snaps out of his daze to see the look of fear in the gunmen's eyes as Mia opens fire, killing all of them. Suddenly Dez hears helicopters approaching and, in his mind, sees a multitude of Agents that he believes are, each, far deadlier than any cartel gunmen. Mia grabs his arm and they run. Dez, not knowing where they are going or what is going on, resolves to just keep running, together with Mia, away from the danger and towards answers.

A story about a hacker extraordinaire who proved capable of being recruited by the Resistance, Tiera was given the choice of two pills by Morpheus. She chose the blue pill but, because she digitally chronicled what she learned, was still able to retrieve her memories and, together with it, small pieces of information about the Matrix.

She continued to harbor questions about the Matrix and continued living a life regretting that one decision, often dwelling on her memories and on what-ifs. Bill Sienkienwicz & Gregory Ruth. In an unknown date in the Real World, an alien spaceship attacked the Machine-controlled Earth by hurling asteroids at the planet.

One of these asteroids struck a central processing unit in London and killed the 200,000 people it contained. The explosion briefly disconnected London from the Matrix and allowed an unnamed man to have a redpill experience, conversing with some sort of Agent-like program during the disconnection, and slightly learning some truths about the Matrix. Upon reconnecting to the Matrix, the man started to experience a Déjà vu. In fact, the man increasingly experienced it as the invasion of the Real World waged on and, at some point, he even replayed years of his life instead of just moments or days.

He would later learn, from the same Agent, that he had been living in an overclocked Matrix and that only minutes have passed in the Real World in the years that had gone by in the Matrix. The Machines retaliated by producing a spacecraft to destroy the aliens, which the man learned to fly in his latest reincarnation as a pilot. He completed his mission only to be told that there was no return to Earth. Granting his final request and on his final hour, he was reconnected to the Matrix, allowing him to live out fifteen more years of a simulated but happy life.

Crew members of an unknown hovercraft were trying to find and rescue a gifted child out of the Matrix under the cryptic guidance of The Oracle. They were able to track the location of the child to an orphanage. Eight Ball was the first operative sent out to find the child and found that the orphanage had just very recently been burned down. Suspecting the involvement of Agents, the operator, Charon, quickly urged Eight Ball to exit and forget about tagging the child but, with Agents lying in wait, Eight Ball was caught in the setup and killed.

The crew, minus their absent captain, discussed their next steps in the Real World and eventually decided to continue and complete the rescue mission while the tag program was still active instead of, as suggested by Duncan, waiting for their captain to return the next day and risk the Machines discovering and tracing back the tag program to their Real World location. The next operative that arrived at the orphanage was Link who deciphered what The Oracle told them and figured out through his investigation of the orphanage that the child they were looking for was a girl named Hope. He was able to find Hope with the help of the tag program from Eight Ball. He also figured out her extraordinary ability to change her own RSI, similar to how an Agent could manipulate RSIs, before Hope sensed the arrival of Agents and escaped to the roof. A gunfight ensued and Link continued to pursue Hope to the roof while also successfully keeping the Agents, who were now pursuing them, at bay.

Link found Hope at the roof top and, with help from Duncan and Charon, determined a possible exit path. Hope then used her ability in order to fly them out of the roof.

The story cuts back and forth between a rainy-city-action scene and a calm-zen scene. The rainy-city-action scene is that of a blonde redpill in black clothes being chased by Agents, both parties exchanging gunfire yet bullets only ever nearly hit.

The indoor scene is of Chuang Tzu in white clothes, lighting incense, praying, then sweeping. The same butterfly flutters about in both scenes. Then the two scenes finally clash as the redpill jumps through Chuang Tzu's window. Chuang Tzu greets the man.

Three Agents enter the room. And more gunfire hits air. Then the agents open fire.

Multiple bullets hit Chuang Tzu. As Chuang Tzu closes his eyes to eternal sleep, the butterfly appears before him, and flies freely towards the night sky. A Sword of a Different Color.

An unnamed old man was somehow able to escape from his pod in the Real World and then hid at a nearby dumping ground that bordered the fetus fields. He survived by scavenging the site for rats, insects, and supplies, collecting some medieval books in the process, and continued to live free from the Machines in an underground safe house built with a lift connecting to the surface. When the resistance sent out a hovercraft to scout for weaknesses in the Machine's defenses, Heater convinced fellow crew members Nac and Split to check out the fetus fields using the nearby dumping ground for cover.

After the crash, only Nac was left alive, seriously injured, and passed out. Attracting the attention of both the sentinels and the old man, Nac was fortunate to have been taken underground by the old man before the sentinels could unearth him.

Nac woke up startled to find a sentinel, hollowed though it is, facing him and being tinkered on by the old man. The old man laughed and welcomed Nac as a fellow brother of the order, recognizing that they both had body plugs which he referred to as "silvery bites", proof that they both suffered "dragon stings" in "knightly" battle. The dragon was, later on, discovered by Nac to refer to the harvesters. While Nac started to see the old man as a lunatic, he also saw that the old man did possess some intelligence, only perhaps unable to comprehend his own origins and unable yet to understand the Real World and had been living in a fantasy to cope. Nac then attempted to open up the truth to the old man, explaining what he could about the Matrix, but the old man simply rejected all of it, convinced that it had nothing to do with his own personal crusade to vanquish the dragons.

Committed to his mission, the old man tirelessly tinkered with the inactive sentinel and, one morning, was just gone, taking the sentinel with him but leaving Nac a package. The package contained a book on the "Trojan War" and a drawing of them both, an arm over each other's shoulders and raising a sword with the other, with the title "FREEDOM" written above. The package helped Nac determine where the old man was going. Spotting the sentinel from a distance, he witnessed how it attracted more than a few other sentinels before it exploded. Johnny comes out of the movie theater after watching The Matrix with his two friends. While the two friends thought of it as a terrific movie, Johnny says he did not get any of the movie. Amazed by his admission, the three go into the Tin Hat Tavern, where James tries to explain the basic gist of the movie while the other friend tells James not to bother.

But, asking too many questions, the two friends shortly give up on explaining the rest of the movie to Johnny. Johnny starts to leave while the two friends continue to assure him that plenty of others surely would not have also understood the movie. Thanking his two friends for the beer, Johnny leaves through the door, at which point his friends, along with everyone else in the bar, reveal their Agent earpieces. The two friends, actually Agents Lewis and Davies, express satisfaction that a lot of people don't get the movie, with Lewis stating that the fewer humans who comprehend what's really going on than the fewer they must destroy.

There are No Flowers in the Real World. Rocket, a fresh redpill recruit to the Resistance, was in the Matrix and participating in his first mission. In his team were three other operatives, all heading for Phoenix. The team immediately scrambled towards the nearest exit but, one by one, each of the crew were quickly getting killed by sentinels in the Real World, permanently disconnecting the operatives from the Matrix. Soon enough, Rocket's whole team were killed leaving him the sole survivor.

And though Rook managed to destroy the sentinels before getting killed himself, Rocket had already sustained a broken leg from the attack and, with Rook and all possible operators gone, was stranded inside the Matrix. Rocket contacted the Resistance for help and was given a safe house back in nearby Scottsdale, Rocket's own home town. For days, Rocket awaited rescue in his safe house, all the while resisting with his mind, trying to withstand the pain from his physical body's injuries, and growing weaker due to the lack of real-world sustenance. During these days, he was often visited by a Resistance operative, King, who was relaying news of the real-world search for him.

And to help keep Rocket occupied, King started a conversation about their bluepill pasts. And when they tackled Rocket's love life, King made him realize that his previous life as a bluepill was not at all fake or meaningless, simulated though it may be. This lead Rocket to reconnect with Mona Thomas, who used to be his bluepill girlfriend. After a romantic night with Mona was interrupted by Rocket's worsening leg, Rocket, considering the possibly of soon dying, immediately started to distance himself. Fleeing to a diner, he instead got into a scuffle with his old gang. Getting into a frenzy, he killed the gang leader, Larry Little. Also, while in his manic state, he revealed some truths about the Matrix to the spectating diners. This anomaly tipped off the Agents to Rocket's activities. Soon, news came to Rocket from King that he would soon be rescued.

Given new hope by the news, Rocket wanted to meet Mona once more but King advised him to prioritize leaving first, warning him of the threat of Agents. But just then, Agent Brown appeared. King managed to kill whoever the Agent had possessed but knew that the Agent would not stop. After giving Rocket a gun and instructions to the exit, he lead the Agent away from Rocket. After Rocket found the hardline location, he called Mona, asking her to quickly meet with him.

She immediately went, meeting Rocket at his location. He then informed her of his need to disappear but also promised to come back for her.

Mona promised to wait, and also promised to join Rocket wherever they needed to go upon his return. Tragically, Mona was suddenly possessed by Agent Brown.

Rocket hesitated to shoot Mona and allowed the possession to fully take place. By then though, all was too late. Agent Brown already had Rocket and proceeded to kill him. In a mess hall, in Zion, a storyteller stood on a podium in front of tables filled with people, and before each head was a plate of bread. Then the storyteller started telling the legend of Geoffrey, one of Zion's earliest inhabitants who, through constant struggles and many very risky ventures to the surface, retrieved seeds, and learned and improved the cultivation of grains and the subsequent baking of bread for the city.

Though Geoffrey died towards the end of the tale at the Battle of the Wheat Fields, Zion started holding a Bread Feast twice a year to honor the man's sacrifices. A young Morpheus is then seen enjoying the bread. Outside a small appliance store stood the young potential, "Spoon Boy", looking curiously into the shop window.

On display were some selection of TVs all tuned in on a single channel, Channel 11, on the TV program, Culture Beat. The show was doing a segment on art and was particularly doing a piece about the "Nightmare Sculptor", Raven Underwell. Kitt Pritchard, the show's host, was at the opening of Raven's exhibit at Hednet Gallery where the main feature were the artist's uncanny sculptures of the Machines, mechanical monsters which, according to the correspondent, were enslaving humanity. When a couple of the audiences were interviewed, all that were asked, from a grown man to a young girl and her mother, either openly admitted or, in the case of the girl, expressed and sobbed the feelings of fear the sculptures instilled.

I'm an artist, not a nanny. If people are disturbed by my work, that's their problem. Raven, sporting a dark gothic look, was unbothered by the effects her creations had on people.

In fact, she seemed to enjoy seeing people react to her work and excused herself as merely being an artist, having no responsibility to hold the hands of those who were disturbed by her work. Kitt promptly reported her closing bits and how that night's opening was by invitation only. She then shoved her very own pass in front of the camera for the world to see.

At this point, the talented young boy extended his hand towards the TV screen and, magically, was now holding Kitt's ticket. The segment ended with the shocked correspondent looking at her now empty hand.

The boy carefully examined the pass. And then, closely placing it in front of him, read through its underlying code. Then the next moment, the boy was standing in front of Hednet Gallery, staring towards the entrance. The boy then entered the gallery, presenting the pass to the guard at the entrance. Inside the gallery, the frazzled Kitt was still searching for her disappearing ticket while her cameraman, already wanting to move on and get some appetizers, was telling her not to worry about it. Likewise, the mother and child who were interviewed earlier, with the child still crying, pleading her mom to take her home, were ready to move along and were heading for the exit. Raven, standing before one of her works, a massive and life-sized sculpture of a docbot, was commenting about how she liked such honest responses as they were sure to promote her work. And among the audience standing behind the sculpture, a woman was raising her hand poised to ask Raven a few more questions. The woman asked about the Machines Raven called "Somnicultos", or sleep guardians, and the inspiration behind them. And thus Raven started telling everyone about her redpill experience. How she dreamt, not realizing that she actually woke up from the Matrix, of being in a pod connected to a brightly lit power plant. Of how she smelled the hot machinery, and how she saw the Somnicultos caring for her and many more humans sleeping in similar pods like hers, all connected to the power plant. Then moving to a smaller yet still massive sculpture of a sentinel, Raven even mentioned seeing such a creature flying through the air and added how beautiful and caring the creatures were. These simulacra are my creations, but the somnicultos are not. If anything, we may be their creation. At this, the woman from the audience asked how that could be considering how frightening her works looked like. To which Raven simply called her ignorant.

Eyeing the young boy who was carefully assessing her works, Raven approached to ask his thoughts about it when, suddenly, a clanking sound was heard behind her. Looking back, she was surprised to see her sculptures coming to life, their machinery humming.

The Somnicultos, now able to move, started killing Kitt and her camera man, then the woman from the audience, and then everyone else. Raven, terrified, sprinted to the exit and out towards the streets and where the destruction quickly spilled. She picked up only to hear some warning. It said that it was not enough to believe what she saw but that she also needed to understand it. It is not enough to believe what you see.

You must also understand what you see. Asking back what it was she was supposed to understand, the nearby building walls opened up to show a vast graveyard.

Raven closed her eyes in apprehension, muttering the word "caretakers". When Raven reopened her eyes, she was back inside the gallery, at her exhibit, and everything was back to normal. The woman from the audience asked her if she was okay, commenting how pale Raven looked. Raven answered that she was, in fact, not okay, and apologized for being a fool.

At the background, the boy could be seen leaving the gallery while Kitt was complaining to her cameraman about how the caviar was like soup and asking for some spoons. The hovercraft, Polaris, was loading up on the surface when the operator, Twist, detected that a sentinel was patrolling nearby. Nova tried to gather back the crew members still on the surface when Flint, gazing at the ruins of the long lost human city they were in, decided to mysteriously stay instead.

As Nova followed Flint, she attempted asking him questions about the unexplored edges of the city they were headed to, but Flint was unresponsive, denying all conversations. Nova, knowing how Flint was, decided to not press any further questions. During their expedition, however, Flint had been ignoring the artifacts that they were supposed to be collecting.

That Flint, the first of the Resistance who successfully and repeatedly scavenged the heavily Machine-patrolled surface for pre-Zion artifacts, had gone mad after losing Pequod and his crew, and was now suicidally lost in his thirst for vengeance. But Nova continued to refuse believing these things, and just continued to follow Flint, displaying her immense faith in him. As their trek dragged on its third day though, Flint was more and more proving to be mad, barely stopping to rest or dress any of the wounds they sustained in their land travel.

And on the fourth day, Nova could no longer deny Flint's madness as she found themselves standing on top of the Pequod's wreckage, realizing that she was not following someone out to collect but, instead, someone out for a hunt. Nova confronted Flint and pointed out his madness, which Flint affirmed when he revealed that he had actually lead the sentinel, which Twist had tracked days earlier near the Polaris, in towards them. And sure enough, not long after this revelation, a loud crash was heard behind Flint confirming the presence of the sentinel.

Flint quickly instructed Nova to hide while he himself stood his ground in preparation to fight the approaching Machine, muttering the words, "no more running, " as he readied his spear. But the battle did not end as quickly as it normally would have... Flint evaded the sentinel's first attack, a heavy crash of a tentacle to where Flint stood. Flint side-jumped close to the sentinel's right, and as the sentinel was slow to turn towards Flint, he used the opportunity to leap above the sentinel and deliver a mighty downward thrust into its head before quickly jumping back away once more to defend, slicing away the sentinel's tentacles when it attacked, and piling up damage against the sentinel while carefully dodging its attacks. But while Flint showed early success in this battle, he utterly lacked the heavy weaponry needed and was soon, inevitably, overpowered in their melee, getting shoved down whilst blocking the sentinel's many arms, and his body immediately pierced by one of the sentinels tentacles, killing him instantly.

Perhaps, Nova thought, he even wanted her to witness it, to serve as a cautionary tale and warning to ward off Zion from any similar foolishness. But, following Flint's example of "no more running", Nova stepped out from behind the safety of the wall where she hid and was watching from, to instead take her turn in facing the sentinel. Wielding her own spear and burning with resolve to return to Zion, and to honor Flint and the Pequod's crew, Nova put up as much defense as she could, blocking the tentacles, then parrying and dodging them, before leaping high above the sentinel and thrusting her own spear into the sentinel's head much like Flint just previously did.

Standing atop the sentinel, she then quickly scrambled to her knees and wretched out cables from the sentinel's now exposed head, immediately causing the sentinel to malfunction. She then tore a page from one of the books, the epilogue of the novel Moby Dick, and left it with Flint's grave. She also decided against using Flint's demise as a tale of warning to Zion, instead wishing for Flint's legend to continue to inspire more collectors like herself.

So upon her return, she would tell the tale of how Flint "the Collector" had defeated the Machines and unearthed a grand treasure for the children of Zion. Taking back the rest of the artifacts into a hoverpad, Nova started her long trek home. FC, 160 pages, TPB, 10.25" x 6.5". William Christensen & Jim Kuhoric.

The story opens in the middle of an Illusionist's show. An audience stares at Bixby, a submerged and chained illusionist.

The main character, an unnamed psychology student, scrawls on a note pad. What is it about an escape artist that so enthralls people? Like he is able to do something the rest of us can't. But then, the question remains, why don't we feel free?

The psychology student continues to write intensely in the notepad. Onstage the Illusionist (Bixby) escapes his chains and begins to exit the stage. While crossing the stage he stops and stares at two agents situated in the back.

Bixby then exits the stage entirely. Later that same day the student catches up to Bixby, eager to tell him about the psych paper he's writing about him. However Bixby stares past him at two agents. Without hesitating Bixby takes off sprinting with agents behind him. The student chases after the agents; excited about adding this to his psych paper.

While in pursuit the student muses: Maybe he's an obsessive compulsive. And everything is something to escape. With the student in close pursuit Bixby and the agents turn a corner. As the student turns the same corner his is met by a white brick wall. Bewildered he walks past a cigarette advertisement. "Dream Sticks: Taste the Freedom" are printed on the advert over the image of a lady with lipstick.

The next night the student is again backstage with Bixby. As Bixby is getting ready the student asks him about the agents. Asking if he is having problems with the IRS.

Bixby finds this funny and cracks a joke. The student continues: I'm doing a paper for my psych 101 class on why people don't feel free. Bixby then turns to the student.

The student thinks this was the first time I felt like he even saw me. The first time I think I became real to him" "Why do you think that people don't feel free? The student answers, This'll sound dumb... But I think it's because despite what we're told... The student describes the cigarette ad he saw the previous day.

Remarking that the advert said "Feel Free" but really it's addictive. You want to know how I do what I do? " And hands him a card reading: "Bixby The Incredible Liberationist For Hire.

" Bixby later says: "But if the locks and chains are an illusion, then so is the freedom. Bixby takes this time to mention the matrix and asks the student if he's heard the name Morpheus. The student asks if Morpheus is also an illusionist.

Bixby answers that no, he's not a performer. It then cuts to the beginning of the show, showing the agents next to the exit sign. Bixby is chained and being lowered into the tank of water. The student is also in the audience musing on how many answers he wants. All of a sudden the crowd is on their feet and shouting.

The agents are on the stage guns drawn, staring at the tank. The agents take the student in custody and ask him questions. The student answers them, answering truthfully telling the agents everything Bixby had told him. They let him go after two hours.

Outside the student looks at the card that Bixby gave him. It now reads: "The Matrix has you" on top of the original message.

It ends with the student: What is the Matrix? A stockbroker was married to a woman whose mind was unusually sensitive. Extremely so that the husband noted how his wife was not cut out for the real world.

His wife, as he continued to note, was deeply wounded even by the mildest of criticisms, and has shown to be easy prey to the common and opportunistic sales spiels. These sensitivities further extended to her physical senses, exhibiting extremely delicate and irritable skin and having been gifted with hyper-acute eyesight.

The husband also recognized how his wife's sensitivities were, at some times, gifts. She was specially receptive, being unable to fully shut out the physical world and, by extension, unable to shut out her nightmares. But her permeable walls also made her extremely empathetic and caring, and it allowed her to fully focus on her present experiences.

Extraordinarily, her sensitive mind was also able to receive premonitions of what was to come or, in actuality, perceive the deja vus permeating the Matrix. But often times, her abilities had also brought about grief, exemplified by a premonition of the sudden and violent death of a random robin she came across in one of her jogs. She was also sometimes able to self-substantiate during her sleep, witnessing her body paralyzed in a pod surrounded by machines, and mistaking it for nightmares. The husband would then often talk to his wife about these experiences, trying to ease her mind off of her difficulties, and talking her back into "reality". During one such attempt to lighten the situation, the husband chose to talk about his work, and about how his colleague Butterfield had heard rumors of a new wonder drug by the pharmaceutical company Pfitzer.

Upon hearing this, the wife immediately confirmed the rumors of the pill's upcoming release, and further confirmed how sensational the new drug, Amourtin, was going to be. The stockbroker, in a risky move, decided to invest every dollar they could afford into Pfitzer's stocks, nervously watching the market for the next two weeks. His wife's intuition proved to be keen, however, and the investment immediately paid off. To the stockbroker, this newly acquired wealth provided security and allowed the couple to look forward towards a more hopeful future full of different prospects.

Not long afterwards, while the couple were out shopping, the stockbroker's wife suddenly perceived that a vehicle was bound to crash into the store they were currently at. Acting quickly, she prevented the accident from claiming any lives. This deed, however, did not go unnoticed by the media and the woman soon appeared on a TV interview, confusing the husband who thought his wife would have never agreed to one. During the interview, the woman revealed the truth of her abilities in front of the cameras.

To give credence to the claim, she then credited their wealth as a couple to her precognitive abilities and how they had used it to invest early in Pfitzer's stocks. Then, revealing to his husband why she even agreed to the interview, she warned San Francisco of an upcoming earthquake. With her advise, she was able to prevent the devastation that the natural disaster would have otherwise caused. But this disclosure of her abilities had marked the beginning of the couple's troubles. Following a deja vu which the couple both experienced, and believing that they were beginning to detect and uncover some underlying structure to the world, the couple were suddenly pitted against an ever-growing list of problems.

And as if being forced from directing their focus towards "the truth", they were instead stalled into place by her pregnancy, then by a barrage of lawsuits and investigations, and even by the infestation of pests in their home. Mysteriously, the deja vus also just suddenly stopped.

As such, and through time, the couple were eventually completely side-tracked back into the normal cycles within the Matrix and were confined into the insurmountable struggles that they had both been forced to ceaselessly cope with. While climbing Mount Everest, Fria Canning discovers the withered corpse of a fellow climber, a Japanese man, whose body she believes has remained unrecovered since at least the previous season. Fria, acknowledging the difficulty of retrieving the dead bodies of any climber at her current altitude, offers the man a quick prayer before leaving it to continue on with her own ascent. A short 15 minutes later, Fria herself faces possible death after falling a hundred foot down into a hidden crevasse within the mountain. Her body broken, Fria starts entertaining her own death in the mountain and recalls hearing how other climbers, after dying in similar crevasses, had their bodies eventually chewed up by the ice and later churned out somewhere lower in the mountain. Liking the appeal of leaving her own imprint on systems, the same appeal which also inspired her to start writing the artificial intelligence program Self, Fria instead preferred the mountain to keep her body. While visualizing her own death, Fria then spots a man in a black suit and dark glasses walking through the ice and approaching her. The man introduces himself to be Agent John Fine and helps Fria to stand up on her own.

The seemingly recovered Fria is apparently admired by Agent Fine and his colleagues because of her AI work. Agent Fine then offers to get Fria out of the crevasse. A doubtful Fria initially declines this offer which made Agent Fine take a step away from Fria and causing Fria to immediately fall back into the ground and suffer pain much worse than before.

Agent Fine explains that he only wanted Fria to complete her new AI program, something she would have done in case she lived anyway, and even offered to pay Fria handsomely for the program. Fria then accepts this deal.

Upon acceptance of the deal, Fria is instantly back at the surface of the mountain with both her body and all her equipment intact. Dismissing the whole experience as a product of hypoxia, Fria continues on and eventually reaches the summit the next day. Back home in New York, Fria is in front of her computer screen no longer able to continue working on the new AI program due to what Fria suspects is an association between the program and her upsetting memories of Mount Everest. Still believing the entire experience to be caused by hypoxia, Fria decides to set the completion of the program aside.

Agent Fine would knock on Frias door 2 days later asking her for the new AI program. Fria, at first unable to recognize the man, suddenly remembers the entire experience at Everest after Agent Fine reintroduces himself and reminds Fria of their deal. Fria admits to Agent Fine that she can no longer complete the program due to the programs strong associations which Fria avoided thinking about. Agent Fine, asking if Fria was referring to the ice, suddenly starts to crystalize and speedily generates so much ice from his body that the ice quickly proceeds to envelope and tighten around Fria until it kills her. In a morgue, the coroner and his assistant discover that Fria suffered broken bones which were consistent with a fall but are puzzled by the lack of anywhere she could have fallen from.

The coroner also concludes, after looking out the window and pausing to see the sun and sky of a perfect July day, that Fria died of hypothermia. The King of Never Return. Most people remain unaware of the Matrix. Some get the chance to take the red pill or the blue pill.

But is there another choice? What happens when you get out of the Matrix, but also arent down with Zion? What do you do and how do you react?

This is the story of a group of Sion rebels. They get back to Matrix and do what ever they want because they know its not real. They dont want to be part of someone elses war or prophecy.

The narrator in the story states that, There are plenty of us out there. Zion is the core of the wheel, and we are only one of its many rebellious spokes. The rebels that the narrator has thrown himself in with use The Matrix as a playground, in contrast to the more serious minded Zion rebels who fight for freedom.

Underneath this free-wheeling exploitation, however, we quickly see that the narrator himself has far more going on then just having fun in The Matrix. Were privy to the narrators meditations of existential thoughts and most impotantly, his great dissatisfaction with only being able to choose between Zion and the Matrix.

An Asset to the System. Peter Pete Williford was a security guard at Grau Industries "with-in the Matrix", who longed to become a police officer. But in the world of the Matrix not everything is perfect and sometimes dreams don't come true as Pete learns when he witnesses his partners sudden transformation into an Agent. The end of the story shows Pete's body being flushed out of his pod in the physical world, indicating he died in the Matrix. He must have been caught in the crossfire between the resistance member and the Agent and was killed.

Little Emma Pearson is having trouble with reality and is interviewed by a psychologist. The doctor diagnoses her as an schrichoprenic when she says that nobody is real and that in her dreams people have wires coming from their heads. A story told through the eyes of a child who could see the truth of the world she lived in and before she could be rescued by the resistance was scooped up by the machines as part of their program to keep the system humming along. Saga Talmer was a student of The Oracle, but was not convinced by her teacher's methods or ideas. During a night out in the town, she phones an operator (who was puzzled as to how she got that number), and the call ends up being tracked by the Agents, resulting in Saga trying to do the impossible in order to escape.

The only one available is just in front of her, Brownstone 333 first floor, but appears to be unstable; even so K says it will work and Link patches the call through. K kicks the door down and tells him the call is for her. Link tells her that the situation doesn't look good, with Agents moving all around her and the last exit completely destroyed.

The lineman says he can do it but it might be quicker without the gun, and tells K that he's not a threat and that he couldn't hurt her even if he wanted to. Regaining his senses dazed, the lineman wonders if he was shot and what happened to K. His head pounding, he looks up and sees her lying on the floor, propped up against the wall, shot through the eye. Disbelieving the whole thing, he wonders if he did it and how, telling himself that it is just not possible, and the handset keeps ringing in the background with the call that would have been K's safe exit.

In the Matrix, even with the best of intentions, carelessness kills. A story of two girls wanting to surprise their mom on her birthday.

During an Zionite operation of finding potentials, two sisters search out for their own mother on her birthday with hopes of surprising her as a birthday present. However, their ships are detected by Sentinels and. They end up getting themselves killled along with their entire crew. Who Says You Cant Get Good Help These Days? Morpheus shows up at the wrong door of a man who happens to have a problem.

The man thinks that Morpheus is there to help and Morpheus mistakenly thinks that the man is "The One". Morpheus says to the man to seek out the "architect". The man thinks that it is a refferal for help to his problem. Morpheus begins to doubt that the man is "The One". The man unwittingly follows the path of Neo, the true "One", from the Key Maker to the Architect and hilarious ensues in The Matrix.

After witnessing his parents die as they were freed from the Matrix the week before, Hitch, a redpill operative, makes a deal with the Machines. He attacks and kills his entire team while in the Matrix, and an Agent smashes in through the window, shooting him in the leg and confirming their deal, saying that their section of the Matrix had been scrambled, all to prevent the Resistance from working out what had really happened. Back in Zion, Hitch talks to a captain who has read the report on the death of his parents. The captain explains that many of those lost were trained directly under him, but that the losses must strengthen Zion, and says that while they don't know who attacked the team, the Merovingian was believed to be involved. While saying that he knows the captain's position on the war, and that he wants to destroy the Machines in revenge, Hitch deploys a small bug-like bomb, which crawls up onto the underside of the captain's desk.

He quotes the captain, saying Anything is better than our slowly dying under a pretense of peace. This is simply another form of slavery. We must mercifully end the blind suffering. We must destroy the Matrix.

He confirms that he believes the words and the captain tells him to recover as there will be much to do in the coming weeks. Hitch thanks him, saying he is ready, but as he walks away he presses a button, detonating the bomb and killing the captain in the ensuing explosion. Back in the Matrix, Hitch stands, chairing a meeting of a large financial company in a sky scraper board room.

After the others have left, one man in a suit wearing dark glasses remains behind, and says that his help in "this recent accord set-back has been much appreciated", and that he hopes his reinsertion has been agreeable. Hitch expresses his wish never to have to kill again, and asks if the war is starting again, to which the Agent replies that "such distinctions are purely human"; the Machines only want survival and will continue to strive for it. Tonight, we start exploring them. This story takes place shortly after the events of The Matrix Revolutions.

Kid (born Michael Karl Popper) was a Matrix-born Zion operative, and one of the very few people to have freed themselves from the Matrix through self-substantiation. He served in the Zion Military during the Battle of Zion reloading APUs and ultimately opening the gate that allowed the Mjolnir to enter the Dock and clear it of Sentinels with an EMP blast. He idolized Neo during his life, and regarded him as humanity's savior after his death, going on to found and lead E Pluribus Neo, a hard line Zionite faction. FC, 176 pages, TPB, 10.25" x 6.5".

The Matrix Comics Volume 1 (2003). The Matrix Comics Volume 2 (2004). Collectible Entertainment note: Trade Paperbacks 1 & 2 are in Fine to Very Fine condition. A must have for any serious Matrix collector / enthusiast. A fun & entertaining read!

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  1. Format: Trade Paperback
  2. Title: The Matrix Comics
  3. Type: Graphic Novel
  4. Artist/Writer: Geof Darrow
  5. Publication Year: 2003 - 2004
  6. Publisher: Burlyman Entertainment
  7. Genre: Movie Tie-In
  8. Unit of Sale: Unit of 2
  9. Era: Modern Age (1992-Now)
  10. Character: Neo
  11. Issue Number: 1-2
  12. Style: Color
  13. Series: The Matrix Comics
  14. Features: Bagged
  15. Universe: The Matrix
  16. Language: English
  17. Tradition: US Comics
  18. Cover Artist: Gabriel Andrade
  19. Product Condition: Fine to Very Fine
  20. ISBN Book 1: 9781932700008
  21. ISBN Book 2: 9781932700091
  22. Year: 2003 - 2004
  23. Publication Date: 2003 - 2004
  24. Main Character: The Matrix
  25. Product Type: Trade Paperback Lot

Matrix Vol 1 & 2 Trade Paperback TPB Set Burlyman Neil Gainman Dave Dorman Movie    Matrix Vol 1 & 2 Trade Paperback TPB Set Burlyman Neil Gainman Dave Dorman Movie